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Over the past years, I have dedicated myself to exploring various areas such as Digital Marketing, UI/UX Design, Project Management and having strong bases in Web Development, with the aim of leading one of the 10 best technology teams in Latin America.

At this very moment, Effort Stack is taking its first steps, with my team and I at the helm, determined to bring technological advancements to Latin America and beyond.

Want to be part of this extraordinary venture? Reach out to me at, and let's discuss the limitless possibilities.

Just remember, don't be afraid to grow :)






Years of




  • Computer Systems Engineering

    2020-Present | Universidad Nacional de El Salvador
    Passionate Computer Systems Engineering student mastering programming, networks, and cybersecurity. Committed to driving innovation and positive change in technology.
  • Google Cloud Platform Virtual Machines Online Course

    May 2023 | Platzi
    A comprehensive course on creating and managing virtual machines using Google Cloud Platform, covering essential skills to deploy, scale, and optimize cloud-based infrastructures for various applications.
  • Introduction to Google Cloud Platform Online Course

    Jun 2023 | Platzi
    A beginner-level course providing an introduction to Google Cloud Platform, covering its core services and functionalities, enabling learners to understand the basics of cloud computing and start using GCP for their projects.
  • Progressive Web Apps with React.js Online Course

    Mar 2023 | Platzi
    A comprehensive course on building Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) using React.js, covering offline capabilities, caching, and responsive design to deliver engaging and performant user experiences across different devices.
  • React.js State Management Online Course

    Feb 2023 | Platzi
    An in-depth course on React.js state management, focusing on advanced techniques and patterns to effectively manage and handle application state in professional projects.
  • Professional React.js and Redux Online Course

    Feb 2023 | Platzi
    An advanced course on React.js and Redux, covering best practices for building robust and scalable web applications using these powerful JavaScript libraries.
  • React.js Rendering and Composition Patterns Online Course

    Jun 2022 | Platzi
    A specialized course on React.js rendering and composition patterns, exploring various techniques to optimize rendering performance and create reusable components for building scalable applications.
  • Next.js Online Course

    Jan 2022 | Platzi
    A brief introduction to learning Next.js, a popular React framework for building server-side rendered and statically generated applications.
  • Basic GraphQL Online Course

    May 2022 | Platzi
    A beginner-level course on GraphQL, introducing the fundamental concepts and principles of this query language for APIs, enabling students to build efficient and flexible data-driven applications.
  • TypeScript: Advanced Types and Functions Online Course

    May 2022 | Platzi
    An advanced TypeScript course focusing on exploring advanced type system features and powerful functions to enhance code quality, maintainability, and scalability in TypeScript projects.

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